Tel Aviv

I was fortunate enough to visit Israel for the first time. The country has a very unique feel, like European with a splash of India/Middle East.

The food was fantastic. I found this great family-owned Palestinian restaurant. The wife recommended a dish that was very tasty. But then I look over and see that she and her husband are eating it too. Did she suggest the meal she wanted? Hmm…









For a small country Israel has some great tourism. The beach in Tel Aviv had smooth sand and nice water. Although the highlight was definitely floating in the dead sea. Of course I figured floating on your back was possible, but I could actually float vertically like a fishing bobber! I also learned that the dead sea is the lowest point on earth.






Other attractions I saw: Old city of Jericho, Bethlehem and the church of nativity (where Jesus was born), Qumran (where the dead sea scrolls were found), and some really cool caves.








My last day was spent meeting my Israeli family for the first time. I took a train to Bet Shemesh and had a nice time catching up with them. Their way of life is very different. Studying most of the day, praying, and repeat. I also learned that Israeli taxes subsidize their lifestyle. I wonder what more secular Israelis think about that…






A fun tidbit I learned was that my uncle (from Arizona) met his wife who has the maiden name of Arizoni. What are the odds? My aunt is a classic Jewish mother. When I told her I wasn’t hungry anymore, she asked if I’m on a diet.

He also told me his friend who is a shopkeeper had two guys come in asking for almonds. Apparently the Hebrew word for almonds is very close to the word for demons. So when they incorrectly asked for demons, the shopkeeper made goofy faces and sounds until they left in awe. I guess business is good enough to drive away customers.

All in all I look forward to visiting again and recommend everyone make a trip there someday.








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