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Amsterdam is a very nice city. There are many fun bustling squares which you can enjoy the day. We also made it to the infamous Red Light District, which was just as advertised. It seems like for every city I have been to, I am able to cover more ground than I think I’ll be able to when looking at the map. In reality, cities are smaller than they appear. Regardless of the size, people love riding their bikes here. It would be nice if an efficient bike system was set up in all major cities.

Today was a great day. We visited one of the main squares, bought some tulips in the garden market, and had some tasty treats in a bakery. However, today’s success came right after we went to a specialty cheese shop. We were walking on the main street when we came across a food import shop. After looking around a little while, I came across the Holy Grail. I found TimTams. I first tasted these savory cookies when I was in Japan. They’re an Australian cookie and they are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. I was very excited to find them.

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