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The night before leaving for Morocco, I tried my luck cooking in Manuela’s kitchen. I planned to sauté some chicken in a sauce pan, so I doused it in olive oil and tossed on the chicken. I have not had much practice cooking in the past, and I learned that night that olive oil likes to shoot everywhere when it is heated up. However, it didn’t make too much of a mess. After that, I used the leftover grease to cook scrambled eggs. Best dinner ever or best dinner ever?

I woke up early Saturday morning to get everything packed up as our bus was going to leave at 9am. After walking into the kitchen to make breakfast, I noticed it was a war zone with jams, cookies, and other dishware scattered on the counter. Apparently my housemate, Nick, had enjoyed himself the night before. Anyway, I got my things, headed to the bus, and we were on our way due south towards Gibraltar.

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