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On my plane ride to Japan, I was sitting next to a Japanese woman, Yumiko. Neither of us said much to each other during the 12 hour flight until right before we were landing. After a little bit of chit chat, we exchanged information and she said that I can let her know if I need anything while in Japan. I thought it was a kind gesture, but I did not think too much in to it. After a few emails back in forth, asking for directions and other small things, I was invited to spend a day with Yumiko and her family.

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I participated in a study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan from July 21st to August 18th. There were a lot of great things I did there, from trying strange foods (liver of eel, horse, etc) to making great friends to seeing amazing places. However, one of my best overall experiences has to be, without a doubt, climbing Mount Fuji.

My friend Sung and I went to the bus station a few days before our planned climb to figure out how we would get there. The direct route was sold out, so after finagling with the disgruntled bus employee, we got our tickets. Our friend Sabrina ended up buying her ticket a day or so later and also joined us on our adventure.

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