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Today Nick and I got up early and had a good day of sightseeing. We started out at the Staadspor church, where we got to take a lift to the top for a view of Vienna. I would recommend others save their 5 Euros for something better… Then after some wandering we came across the Habsburg Palace. The museum was very interesting. There were many old swords, jewels, and robes from the Habsburg era. They really made clothes good back then if they are still in one piece today.

Later on we saw the Straddstor Summer Palace. The rooms were almost on par with Versailles. Fortunately this palace did not have any strange Japanese art included. Actually the reason we decided to go visit this place was because after the Habsburg Palace we ran into the man that sold us our tickets for the Vienna orchestra. We saw him the other day near a church where he said we should purchase them today because we will not see him again. It was quite humorous. Of all the people in Vienna we find that guy again.

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Ciao Italy, Guten Tag Vienna

I got up bright and early on the third of January. After sitting in the Milan airport for about 6 hours, my flight with Air Berlin took me to Vienna. I managed to successfully get myself to the hostel despite the lack of daylight. It was nice meeting up with my friends Chris and Nick again.

Vienna is a nice city. We visited the Sigmund Freud museum, where I got to sit in his library and read a book on psychoanalysis. I did feel quite smart doing so, although I think I would have felt smarter if I had been smoking a pipe.

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