I finally won! Fernando made the claim early on in the semester that nobody can ever guess the color of the suit worn by his cousin the news anchor. Well, the other day I beat the odds! I guessed that it would be gray and sure enough, it was. It did take a long time though. She has quite the wardrobe.

Today marks the countdown with only 18 more days left in Seville. I’m definitely going to miss Manuela, but Fernando… not so much. The other night at dinner it was just the boys and Manuela, and she told us how she doesn’t like how strict he is with the electricity. It was very funny to hear her rant about it. Most nights Fernando watches what he wants on TV during meals. Yesterday was Manuela’s turn and she enjoys watching Las Chicas de Oro (Golden Girls, Spanish style), but Fernando wanted to watch the news while listening to the soccer game on his little radio. Simply ridiculous.

As of today, I only have 3 more days of classes and 2 days of final exams. This upcoming weekend I’m spending a few days of our December break in Morocco. I look forward to riding a camel. I rode an elephant once in a zoo, but I assume this will be a tad different.

In the words of Manuela: más mañana.



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