Venice is gorgeous! I think it may be my favorite city in Italy. It’s almost like it’s out of a fairy tale book. The small alleys, the gondola boats, and the beautiful blown glass shops make the city something special. There is really no point in carrying a map around because it will not aid you. The trick is to follow a sign as far as you can and then ask for directions. Some of the signs were so discrete that you needed eyes like a hawk to spot them. Despite the city being a maze, it was overall very quaint and had some tasty cuisine. We found a (literally) hole in the wall pizza place that served slices as big as my head for 2 Euros.

We also had the opportunity to visit Verona, which is thought to be the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. The famous balcony is there along with a statue of Juliet. Legend has it that if you rub her breasts you receive good luck. There was a long line to get the chance to do it.

On the train home, an old woman and her son were racing to catch a train, so Samir and I helped them to get their luggage on board. The man then proceeded to help the old woman up, climbed up himself, lit a cigarette, and said with thumbs up “vive France!”

Since the bus would not show up a for a while, we decided to get off at a different train stop and try to walk home. It was very dark and a slightly sketchy area, but Ingrid assured us it was only a 10 minute walk. As we got on to the “main” drag, we see a car slowly pull up next to us. My first thought was to keep walking since none of us were interested in purchasing drugs. We then noticed a hand waving at us. It was Ingrid’s mom! That night she got the nick name Jamey (James) Bond, since she is basically a superhero.


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