The Rain in Spain

Today was one of the first cold and rainy days we have had in Seville. Fortunately, I have my red polka dot umbrella which I purchased in Granada. Unfortunately, the only pair of pants I brought to Spain were in the wash, so I had to brave the day in a pair of shorts. Due to the upcoming cold weather, my host family gave us a heater to use in our room since there is no central heating. It makes such a difference. Previously I had just been using my computer as a tiny space heater, but a real one is much more comfortable.

Yesterday was a good day for a number of reasons, mostly because I have finally figured out my winter break. My friend Chris and I went to the local café/ice-cream shop, Mas Carpone, purchased something cheap so that we could stay to use the wifi, and planned out a good chunk of our future voyage. I’ll be meeting up with various people throughout the trek, but it’s going to look something like the following: Seville to Barcelona to Milan to Vienna to Budapest to Prague to Amsterdam (quick pit stop in Iceland for a flight layover) to Home. This is going to be an exciting winter break for sure. I’ve got to do all I can now because I don’t know when another (Eur)opportunity will present itself again.

It’s amazing to think I only have a month left in Seville. When I return home to the states, it is going to be odd not feeling the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on my back, enjoying a tapa with a cool Cruz Campo beer, or avoiding gypsies on the busy streets. I am truly going to miss this place. However, I already have plans to come back to Seville to retire. This place is just too good to pass up. The overall ambiance cannot be explained. You just have to experience it firsthand. Speaking of gypsies, if you are unaware, they often weed through the crowds, seeking the weakest link and try to offer you some “free” rosemary. One of the funniest gypsy moments I’ve witnessed was when I was on a tour of Malaga with the people from my hostel. This one guy from Australia was offered some rosemary and he exclaimed “Marijuanna?!?!” Needless to say I got quite a chuckle from it.

I think that’s all for now. As for the weekend, fiesta! Well, not the whole weekend of course. Friday I’ll be hanging out with mi amiga, Bea. Sunday I have a field trip for my ecology class to see some good ol’ nature. And then, if there’s time, hopefully I’ll get to see the new Harry Potter movie.

Hasta la vista, baby.



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