I spent this past weekend showing my dad around the different parts of Seville, from the Cathedral to the Alcazar. However, most of our days followed a similar pattern. We would both meet up around noon, take in a site or two, head to a cafe or restaurant for lunch, and then break for siesta. Then around 8pm, we would trek out once again for dinner, ice-cream, and a card game. My friend Lynn also had her family visit this past weekend; however I heard her days were much more jam-packed than mine. I’m fortunate my dad is content just walking the streets as opposed to seeing everything and everything. Plus, a good ice-cream beats a long busy day every time- especially when it is ice-cream from Rayas.

Tonight was an interesting dinner. We got to skip grace and just dig in because Fernando was busy in his office. One item that is always on the table is a bottle that is half vinegar and half olive oil, often used for salads and other things. Manuela recently got a new one because she broke her old one. This new one is almost like a perfume bottle in which you sprits out the vinegar like a perfume bottle. Well, it is important to know which direction the nozzle is pointing, because initially she sprayed my housemate, Nick, 3 times instead of her hardboiled egg. She then tried to correct herself, but inevitably ended up spraying me. We all got quite a kick out of it.

This weekend I’m off to Malaga with a few friends from Bryant. I look forward to seeing them.



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