Today I went on a field trip with my ecology class to northern Seville, to see nature at its best. We took a bus ride an hour north to the Sierra Norte region where we stopped for breakfast. The delicacy there is to use deer liver as a spread for toast. Not half bad… not half good either. We then began our trek at about 11am, receiving ecological fun facts along the way. The land was very red due to the high levels of clay in the soil. It was quite pretty.


After some hiking we ‘made camp’ and set up the equipment for rock climbing. I was the first one to climb and it was a lot of fun. I have climbed indoors in a secure environment, but I have never done it in the wild. Our professor had me and the others who climbed give a sexy pose while climbing and he took our picture. I dread a slideshow at the end of the semester…


Our next stop was a waterfall about 20 minutes away. It was almost like a little oasis about a mile in from the main drag. A couple students on the trip felt they wanted to take a dip in the freezing water. They seemed to enjoy it, despite the fact that they were numb after a 30 second swim. The whole trip was quite enjoyable. There’s really nothing quite like a walk through nature to let your mind wander.


At the end of the journey we stopped in a little café where our professor graciously purchased us a round of beer. I was talking with my professor’s friend who came on the trip with us and he said they’ve been coming back here for years. And then he went on with what started out as a sort of stoic story, which soon turned humorously sour. “Many times we camp up here, sometimes for a whole week. We go mountain climbing and explore the terrain. All we take with us is the clothes on our back, a warm tent, and fresh drinking water…and of course, marijuana and a bottle of wine.”  

In other news, I went clothes shopping for the first time this weekend. I bought a shirt and a cool European jacket for the upcoming winter. All I need now is a scarf and I will have completed the cool Euro-look.

Hasta la vista, baby.



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  1. Bud Fredlong Says:

    Your pictures are excellent. Now that I’m following this travel blog, I like the stories that accompany the photos. Keep up the nice work.

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