I just finished a funny lunch. We play a game with our host family during lunch where we turn on the news and have to guess the color of the suit worn by the news anchor, who happens to be Fernando’s cousin. Today my host dad was explaining that his cousin always wears very conservative outfits. Manuela said that his cousin was old fashion and that he was too. For whatever reason, Fernando got a real kick out of this and spewed his drink. He was laughing and hacking in the bathroom for quite some time. It was pretty hilarious.

Last weekend I visited Paris. What a gorgeous city. Friday was our best day because the weather was perfect. Starting around 12pm until about 6pm, a few friends and I ended up walking roughly 10 miles around Paris. We started in the Luxembourg Gardens and walked up to the river. We then walked along the river and went to the gardens outside of the Louvre. Then, in search of a bank for my friend, we walked all the way to the Arc de Triumph, the Eifel Tower, and finally back to the Louvre. In retrospect, it’s a good thing we saw everything that day because the rest of the trip it rained.

The following days were spent visiting the Notre Dame, museum of the middle ages, Versailles, and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. Versailles was beyond belief gorgeous…and it was free too! The only strange part was that in some of the rooms of the palace there were exhibits featuring sort of new-age Japanese art. It just didn’t blend with the other items in the palace.

The food in Paris is great. I loved going to the little specialty shops for just bread, meat, chocolate, etc. I ate sooo much bread. I even saw a vending machine for baguettes! Of course I tried escargot, but I also tried pig snout salad. Both were nice, but I do not plan on revisiting those dishes any time soon.

I don’t think I have been homesick until I visited Paris. I started missing home when I saw all of the trees changing colors mixed with the cool weather. Although, I am happy to be in my second home, Seville.


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