New Years

We went shopping the other day. I got myself a cool European polo shirt. It has to be one of the snobbiest shirts I have ever purchased. I love it.

For new years, Samir and I decided to be the chefs. He cooked lentils and I cooked the traditional Budlong baked ziti dish. I went to the local market to find some ingredients and I must say my Italian was superb. I made an attempt to ask which cheese would work best for the dish and it went something like this: “Scuzzi… Pasta, Pomadoro, Fromaggio…Il Forno.” I then pointed to the cheese and made a shrugging gesture as to indicate I had no idea what I was doing. The lady knew what I was trying to convey and she helped me pick out an excellent cheese.

My next feat was at the bakery where I needed 15 dinner rolls. I assumed Spanish could get me through with the numbers, so I asked for ‘quince’ dinner rolls. The man gave me 5 and said “Chinco.” I realized that he did not understand, so I said “No, um… chinco chinco chinco.” His wife laughed as he grumbled and got 2 other bags and put 5 rolls in each bag.

The dinner was good. It was the first time I made the dish and it came out well. The lentils and other things we had were also scrumptious. We later watched the countdown on the TV and went on the balcony to watch some fireworks with our champagne. The neighbors also had some smaller fire crackers. One man across the street was out with his children with a beer in one hand and the firecrackers in the other. He had one of his sons light the firecracker and he would then throw it in the middle of the street (with a few cars passing every once in a while) and waited for it to blow up.


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