Recently I have been playing the role of tour guide because I have had several friends visit Seville. My restaurant knowledge has more than doubled because before I had only eaten most meals with my host family. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fact that Seville almost always has great weather.

I took a weekend trip to Malaga to meet up with some friends from my home university. It was nice seeing some old faces again. We climbed the Alcazaba, which is a smaller version of the Alhambra, and got a great view from the top. We also had a relaxing evening spent by the beach.

On our last night we went to a discoteca. The promoters are all very funny. They will come up to you requesting you come to their discoteca for free entry, good music, and perhaps a free drink. Although, whenever we inquire as to what the “good” music is, it always ends up being Lady Gaga. All in all, Malaga is a very nice little city and I hope to revisit it soon.


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