Done Planning!

Yesterday was a greaaaaaaat!

I have officially booked all of my hostels and flights for my winter vacation. All I have left to do is purchase a train ticket while I’m in Vienna to get to Budapest. It really take a lot of time researching which hostels is best, based on location, environment, how sketchy it is, etc. When I am in Amsterdam, I will be staying in a Christian moral hostel. I think it’s kind of funny that my hostel won’t allow drinking, while 50 feet away at a café people will be using recreational drugs. But, it has reviews stating clean and safe, so it sounds like a good pick to me.

Last night a few friends and I went to Plaza El Salvador for botellón, which is Spanish for ‘big bottle.’ It basically just refers to b.y.o.b. to an open area where many people gather to drink and socialize outside. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, just a bunch of people enjoying each other’s company. I really wish this was allowed in the states, especially at my university. It’s safer in a lot of ways too. If everyone is outside and there is a problem, the police can swoop in and handle it. On the other hand, if everyone is inside hiding and drinking and there is a problem, they may not be so fortunate.

My host family is leaving today to go to their home in the mountains until Wednesday. It won’t matter Saturday through Monday because I will be in Morocco, but on the remaining days of my December break it will be very relaxing not to have Fernando around policing the use of electricity. My other roommate Nick, who is not leaving at all, and I will be enjoying the freedom of eating meals with the lights on.

Almost time to ride a camel!



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