Crazy Few Days

The past few days have been interesting. Manuela and Fernando got delayed from returning home due to floods in Seville. Nick has been sick, so I’ve been playing doctor. I bought him some mystery antivirus powder which seemed to do the trick. We’ve been amassing a serious amount of Chinese food containers and garbage since they’ve been gone. Our greatest creation is our plate of fruit remains, which has turned into fruit Jenga. The first person to knock it over has to clean it up.


Last night around 1am I heard a big crash, which I assumed was just Nick shuffling the dishes around. I open my bedroom door to find that a big chunk of the ceiling near the front door decided to collapse. This was not good. The ceiling broke, there are food containers everywhere, and the T.V. didn’t work from a power outage. I was at school when they returned home, but Nick told me that they could care less about the mess. The only thing they were concerned about was the T.V. not functioning. If they don’t have T.V. then they have to talk amongst themselves, and that just isn’t an option. So my host mom was on the phone with her son-in-law and after an hour of instructions regarding which buttons on the remote to push, the 30+ year old T.V. came back to life.


It was nice to have them out of the house, but I must say I missed Manuela’s cooking. My stomach was also getting pretty irritated at me for stuffing it with pizza and Chinese every day. They also both enjoyed seeing that I bought the Moroccan tunic.


Today was a good day overall. I heard the news that I was elected president of the professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. It’s a great feeling to know my brothers have enough faith in me to choose me for the position. I will not let them down.

One more day of class, two days of finals, and I am a free man.


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  1. LawyerN Says:

    I’m impressed that you were elected president of your business fraternity. I look forward to reading about your travels after your exams are finished.

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