Ciao Italy, Guten Tag Vienna

I got up bright and early on the third of January. After sitting in the Milan airport for about 6 hours, my flight with Air Berlin took me to Vienna. I managed to successfully get myself to the hostel despite the lack of daylight. It was nice meeting up with my friends Chris and Nick again.

Vienna is a nice city. We visited the Sigmund Freud museum, where I got to sit in his library and read a book on psychoanalysis. I did feel quite smart doing so, although I think I would have felt smarter if I had been smoking a pipe.

Today we visited the Church of St. Borromeo, where we took a lift to the top. The view was amazing. The entire ceiling is covered with an enormous fresco. Afterwards, we managed to (for lack of a better word) purchase some scalped tickets to the orchestra for tomorrow night. I hope that turns out to be nice. Vienna is one of the music capitals of the world I hear.

It is very easy to get caught up in the travels and forget about necessities…like eating. I didn’t realize until dinner why I was so tired and that is because all I ate today was a baguette. Now if I was in Paris that might be acceptable, but not in Vienna. I’ll have to increase my intake of strudel and schnitzel.

Right now Nick and I are relaxing in the hostel lounge/bar. The music they’re playing is some very swanky jazz. I wish I could pick up a sax and join in.


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