Buongiorno Principessa

We made it to Italy! I left my hostel at 4:00 in the morning and waited at the bus stop for an hour with an array of sketchy individuals. I met Samir at the airport, where he was choosing which items he wanted to throw out from his suitcase. We were flying with Ryan Air, a budget airline which is very finicky about the size and weight allowance of baggage. They have a measure mechanism at the check-in gate and if your bag appears to be too large, they will call you out and make you fit it in. If it fits, you’re fine. If it does not fit, you must pay an extra fee to bring it onboard. Samir had a huge duffel bag and I had a very large backpack. There was a man at the gate scoping out the crowd, so I strategically placed myself out of his sights. From the front, my backpack looks like a normal backpack. However, when I turn sideways, it looks enormous.

 The odds were against us, but we made it onboard successfully. When we were the first people to have our boarding passes checked, the attendant commented that Samir was from India. Samir quickly ended the possible conversation and we pushed through. We took our seats and I passed out immediately. I awoke to the sound of us landing and the trumpeting noise played over my Ryan Air’s loudspeaker announcing we have landed. It’s sort of a victory in itself that their old planes managed to get us from point A to B.

Our friend Ingrid met us at the airport and drove us back to her house. The house is simply gorgeous. It’s like a little villa. The town is quite small but very quaint, with a little market, bakery, and butcher shop. It’s very neat to be living in our own house. My bed is the couch, but I have absolutely no reason to complain. It is quite comfortable.

Ingrid’s mom cooked us a great meal. It was just what I needed after a long day to help me pass out and get ready to start the next day.


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