Buon Natale

Christmas in Italy! I never thought I would be able to say I spent the holidays in another country. The traditions are a little different. My friend Ingrid’s mother cooked us a mix of authentic Italian and Romanian dishes. The food was amazing. When she offers you seconds and you say there is enough on your plate, she will give you double what you want.

Christmas day was one of the first days we got to sleep in, which was quite a treat. I sure needed the break from waking up at the crack of dawn. We had another outstanding lunch and watched movies during the day. For dinner, we made brownies (or should I say Samir and I watched as the girls made brownies) and that was just enough to put ourselves in a food coma.

In between eating, I gave out a few little gifts. I also brought a scarf from my previous trip to Japan for Ingrid. We made an agreement that I would get her something nice from Japan and she would get something nice for me from her study abroad in Brussels. I asked for wooden shoes. Unfortunately, they do not exist in a size 13, so I got a smaller pair. They are still very nice.


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