Today Chris and I spent the day like a married couple going on separate vacations. He went cave diving while I went to the hot baths. First I went on another free walking tour, where I met Olivia who had been studying in France. After getting a bite to eat, we decided to head to the baths. After some confusion with where to change and where to locate the baths, we got to submerge ourselves in the water. To our dismay, the water was very lukewarm and not very interesting.

Just as we were about to leave and head towards the saunas, we discover a different area with warmer baths. While this was exciting at first, they were not much better than the previous baths. However, once again as we were about to leave, we found the infamous outside baths. These were exceptional. You got to experience warm waters which were combating the frigid outside temperatures, creating a mist that was very fun to lurk through.


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  1. Olivia Says:

    Was fun time! Now we all know what to go back to if ever visit Budapest again.

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