So it has been a few weeks since my last check-in. Let see what is going on…

I went to Lagos, Portugal two weekends ago with a few friends. What a gorgeous, touristy place…but so gorgeous. It rained a little bit during our stay, but not enough to dampen (no pun intended) our spirits! The city is so small that you get from one side to the other after a 10 minute walk. We tried some delicious foods, enjoyed a nice boat road around the bay, and I even took a dip in the ocean. It was chilly, but fun to do regardless.

I’ve been hanging out with my gang of intercambios (an exchange where you pair up with a Spaniard to practice your Spanish and their English). My friend Ana is very good at English and is even trying to be an English teacher! I wonder if I could do that with Spanish. Last Sunday (instead of studying for midterms) I went to Alamillo’s Park with some intercambios and a few friends from my program for a relaxing afternoon of badminton and board/card games. We played a very fun Italian card game called “BANG!” which is sort of a wild west themed game. I hope to play again sometime soon.

Manuela and Fernando have been fun as of lately. They are quite the goofy bunch. Fernando is always hiding in his office doing secret things while Manuela watches the food network, or her other favorite, ‘Mujeres de Oro’ (Golden Girls, Spanish style). Normally, we give them all our laundry and they dump it in a pile for us to go through. However, as of recently we have been receiving clothing items that do not belong to any of us. This leads us to believe that they are either stealing clothes, or just randomly grab things hanging on the line. I don’t mind new clothes, as long as they aren’t losing our current ones.

Well, I suppose I should get back to studying for midterms. After that, I prepare for my dad’s visit!



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