A Good Day in Hungary

We got up early and got breakfast at a little café. I had a chocolate milkshake mmmm. After, we set off to the meeting spot where our walking tour would leave from. Nobody else showed up except for some Spaniards from Barcelona, who we told using our fine-tuned Spanish skills that the tour was only in English. It was a great little private tour. We saw the St. Stephen Basilica, the Parliament building, and heard some interesting stories along the way. In the Basilica they actually have the mummified hand of St. Stephen. Scientists have no idea why his hand has not deteriorated, so the Hungarians believe it to be a miracle.

There were many inventions that came out of Hungary, including the ballpoint pen, Rubik’s cube, holographic design, and most surprising of all, the computer. I never thought of Central/Eastern Europe as having been the home of great inventions, but I was pleasantly mistaken.

Well as of now, I can say that Budapest has been one of my favorite visits. I had high hopes for Vienna but there wasn’t too much to it besides the Opera and a few nice buildings. The architecture of Budapest is much more interesting. Maybe I’ll give Vienna another chance someday.

At night we went to an interesting bar with the Germans called Simplé. The bar was really cool, sort of an alternative scene.


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