Chris and I said our goodbyes to the others and set off by train to Budapest. I never imagined myself going to Hungary. It is especially neat because my great grandfather was Hungarian and resided in the county of Szabaocs-szatnac-bereg. Try saying that one 5 times fast.

After taking a few metro rides from the station, we needed to go up via escalator or stairs. The escalator line was long, so we thought the stairs would be fine. Little did we know that this would be the longest staircase of our lives. To top it off, we were each lugging our enormous backpacks. It is safe to say I worked off all the schnitzel from Vienna.

Our hostel is quite nice. We are sharing a room with 2 German guys. We also met a middle aged man from Arizona staying here named Christopher, who apparently is an inventor. You really never know who you will find along the path of your travels.

From what we have seen so far, the city is quite beautiful. We went to a nice market today which had everything you’d want. I got some goulash and Hungarian pasta for lunch. When the girl behind the counter was asked what price certain things were, by chance, she would always say 1,250. Under my breath I told Chris that everything must cost 1,250 and the girl smiled and said “no, not everything.” Just then a man asked how much an item was and after telling him it cost 700, she turned to us and said “Ha!”

After a little siesta, we ventured out for dinner at a little café. There was a group of English speakers at a nearby table and Chris says “Wow… I think the guy over there was at our hostel in Vienna.” It turned out he was. Small world.


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