Hotel Reception

Getting a SIM card here is pretty complicated. I had to give a copy of my passport and visa, as well as provide 2 passport sized photos. I didn’t have any extras on me (duh) so I went with the office boy to the local photography shop. It was this little hole in the wall place where nobody spoke English. I tried to articulate that I only need 2 photos. I received 20 photos, all in different sizes.

Back at the hotel there was a reception for guests staying for an extended period of time. I met a guy from Texas who has worked in Saudi Arabia for a while. He’s working on building a shopping mall in India. I also met a guy from Los Angeles that was contracted to build a theme park here. Both of them are well traveled and had some great stories to tell.

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This morning I noticed a man eating breakfast alone with an iPad in front of him. At one point I looked over his way but he had gotten up for more food. I then see who I assume is his wife eating a shish kebab on the screen. Apparently he was sharing a meal with his wife. Very interesting idea.

At work I was rotating between departments. One of the employees I worked with is named Shatrughan. The former manager of the office couldn’t pronounce his name, so he called him “Shotgun.” He’s quite a character and has a funny way about him.

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Crazy Traffic

Not much to report on today. We spent the day at the office and then got back to the hotel to relax. Here’s a preview of what it’s like to drive around here.

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First Weekend

Started the day off with some thunder from down under. That Indian food is pretty powerful stuff. We took a taxi to old Bombay and saw the Gate of India. We were approached by some Indian college students who asked us about our thoughts on India so far. They were all very friendly.

Afterwards we took a long boat ride to the Elefante Caves. They never told us it’d be such a hike, or that they’d charge us several times along the way. We saw cows, goats, monkeys, and some really interesting caves.

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Today at breakfast I ordered a green tea and my waiter could not have been more pleased to get it for me. It’s a little strange how we are treated like celebrities here.

We attended more training sessions today. We also gave a presentation on sales, which we feel went well. We took a long lunch with some of the new employees. They asked us about everything. They’re all very curious about American life. I was also asked some very personal questions, such as how much money I make. Fortunately I dodged that one.

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Day 1

We had breakfast at the hotel and got picked up by my manager, Justin. He showed us the mall and took us out to lunch. We sat at a table next to some British guys and near a Chinese family. This, plus the strange Latin music playing in the background, made me forget I was in India.

After lunch we went over to the office. The building is fairly simple. Everything is out in the open. After going around and introducing ourselves to everyone, we sat in on a training presentation. The coffee I had in the morning had me awake, while my colleagues Fan and Bakh were dozing off.

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Long Journey

I got home from Succeed Faster on the 15th and started the epic packing job. I made a check list so I’d be sure not to forget anything. Monday morning I was fully packed and 3 pounds under the weight limit for luggage on Delta. I’m pretty sure my dog Carey knew I was leaving because she was hanging outside my room the whole morning, something she doesn’t do very often.

I’m very excited to begin this adventure, but I’m also a bit nervous about what’s to come. Regardless, I realize how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

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Back to it

Well it’s been a while since my last post. After I got home it took me about a week to get back to Eastern Standard Time. However, the hardest part about being back was having my brain transition from school work in Spain to school work at Bryant. I only took liberal arts courses in Spain, which was a nice change of pace from my usual business curriculum. When I was at Bryant, it was difficult to adjust my thought process from the Phoenicians to economies of scale. Fortunately I got back into the swing of things after being back for about three weeks.

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It has been quite the journey living the life of a hobo the past month. But I must say it felt great to unpack and take a clean shower. Though the best part of getting home was cracking open those TimTams. Nothing says welcome back like a bite of awesomeness.

The trip home was quite long. I had a layover in Iceland which was neat, although it was only 25 minutes long. I overheard some guy say that Iceland Air has only cancelled 5 flights in the past 10 years. That’s reassuring, since it was very snowy up there and in Boston.

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Amsterdam is a very nice city. There are many fun bustling squares which you can enjoy the day. We also made it to the infamous Red Light District, which was just as advertised. It seems like for every city I have been to, I am able to cover more ground than I think I’ll be able to when looking at the map. In reality, cities are smaller than they appear. Regardless of the size, people love riding their bikes here. It would be nice if an efficient bike system was set up in all major cities.

Today was a great day. We visited one of the main squares, bought some tulips in the garden market, and had some tasty treats in a bakery. However, today’s success came right after we went to a specialty cheese shop. We were walking on the main street when we came across a food import shop. After looking around a little while, I came across the Holy Grail. I found TimTams. I first tasted these savory cookies when I was in Japan. They’re an Australian cookie and they are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. I was very excited to find them.

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