Resumes and Marriages

I’ve been finding stranger and stranger things in the resumes I’ve been going through. One had this as an objective for a sales position: “My passionate to learn new technologies and to excel in innovative technology and to do each and every work with love.” I forgot to mention the best part. His name is Fun Hardik. No further comments.

Another time I called up a professional reference and asked if there were any negatives about a candidate. I was told that there was nothing bad about him, other than the fact that he was dark skinned.  Crazy.

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Trade Show

This past week my company was participating in an industry trade show in Mumbai. It was my first time attending an exhibition, so I had fun walking around and looking at all the stalls. In addition to getting to promote our products, I enjoyed getting to know some of my colleagues better. We had a good time.

To keep my energy up, I got a coffee from the food court. I noticed that there were two colors of sugar packets. Some were colored white and others were colored brown. I asked the person working the coffee stand what the difference is. He told me “These ones are white and these ones are brown.” Ah, of course. I must have missed that.

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Twinkle George

When trying to recruit a new salesman, I go through several resumes. After a while all the names start to look the same. For example: Ameya and Amlan, Mohan and Mona, etc. However, I came across a gem today, which is a man by the name of Twinkle George. I hope he’s a good candidate. He sounds like a fun guy to work with.

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Customer Visits

One of the unique aspects of my job is being able to tour industries that I would normally have no reason to visit. Yesterday I was doing a demonstration of an instrument at the effluent treatment plant of an industrial manufacturer. I always like learning about how processes work, although I could pass on the odors.

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Handicapped and Cancer Patients

On the platforms in some train stations, you will find signs like this one reminding passengers that there are certain cars for disabled people. This is one of the more interesting ones, as it directs only those who are handicapped or with cancer to board a certain car. It seems those are the two extremes. It’s strange that individuals with cancer are illustrated by a picture of a crab.

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You Know You’re in India When

You know you’re in India when you see an untrained construction worker casually holding on to several sticks of dynamite on his morning commute.

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Flying in Style

I was fortunate enough to be bumped up to business class for my last flight to India. I attribute this to having racked up enough miles to be in Delta’s Silver class. The level of service between economy and business is extraordinary:

  • Flight attendants are overly friendly.
  • The seats are amazing! Massage features, foot rest, extended reclining.
  • 4 course meal, with real silverware
  • Less complaints to turn off electronics

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Indian News

Indian newspapers cover some very strange stories. Often times I’m not sure whether I should laugh or be depressed while reading articles in the paper. But today I laughed when reading about an Indian man who has been living in a tree the past 9 months in an attempt to win back his wife.

Apparently, the man’s wife cheated on him and in an effort to win her back, he has been living in a guava tree. He said he will only climb down if his wife apologizes, which she hasn’t. After he ate all the fruit in the tree, his mother has been delivering him snacks from home. The funny part is that some villagers say they that when nobody is watching, he will climb down and go for a stroll.

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Home for the Holidays

Last week was a busy one. My colleagues from around India and from USA were in the office. It was great seeing everyone again. A nice change of scene from always traveling alone.

Right now I’m in Schiphol International Airport waiting for my connection to Boston. I got a bite to eat at Café Ellipse, my usual stomping ground. It’s where I got to witness a table of Germans enjoying a pint of beer for breakfast. Best way to start the day.

Time really has flown by. Hard to believe I’ve been out of college and working for the past 6 months, let alone that I’ve been in India. The amount I have learned so far is extraordinary. I can’t wait to see what insights I’ll gain next.

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Weather Report: Smoke

After the monsoon is over, the air in Mumbai gets very hazy. This is due to pollution and lots of dust in the air. During this time, the weather report is consistently “Smoke.”

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