Today at breakfast I ordered a green tea and my waiter could not have been more pleased to get it for me. It’s a little strange how we are treated like celebrities here.

We attended more training sessions today. We also gave a presentation on sales, which we feel went well. We took a long lunch with some of the new employees. They asked us about everything. They’re all very curious about American life. I was also asked some very personal questions, such as how much money I make. Fortunately I dodged that one.

Fan gave out chocolates to the employees. They were very happy to receive them and asked her about everything.

As we were leaving to go back to the hotel, our hotel driver was nowhere to be found. So we went to a taxi stand and were just about to leave when he comes running up to us. I have no idea how he found us.

We had dinner at a very nice restaurant on a balcony. We celebrated our first week in India. The food was delicious, but very hard on the stomach. In the future, it is best to save spicy foods for breakfast or lunch.

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