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Last Thursday marked my 1 year anniversary of time that I have spent in India. I never imagined spending that much time in a foreign country. This past year has had many exciting, interesting, and strange experiences. My most recent experience was being a visiting professor teaching MBA students at a local college.

I was asked to do this by the professor of 2 students that interned with my company. Apparently that had such a good experience that their professor thought I should share some knowledge with the other students. It sounded like a better way to spend a Saturday than going to the mall, so I happily agreed.

About a week later, this professor told me that an MBA group from California was going to be visiting their campus. They were having a special welcome dinner banquet at a hotel and asked if I could join to help “represent the school.” So I got picked up by another professor and we arrived at the hotel, where a few of the university bigwigs were seated. After chatting with them, we went to the banquet hall where a buffet and open bar was waiting for us. The California MBA group had an average age of 35, many with several years of work experience. It was funny mingling with them because the conversation always turned to me with the question: “So, how are you affiliated with the college?” Then I went on to say “Well… my affiliation starts next weekend.” A couple times I joked that I saw a group of Americans so I thought I could blend in and get a free dinner.

Yesterday was my first class. I was picked up by yet another professor who asked me if I wanted to stop at McDonald’s for lunch. I told him that I already had lunch and that I”m fine. 30 minutes into the drive we are driving by another McDonald’s and he asks if I would like take-out. Again, I told him I’m fine. Then when we are 10 minutes away from the campus he asks if I want to go the canteen. He must have been hungry himself. But we were already late so I didn’t want to keep the students waiting.

After I arrived the professors chatted me up and gave me some chai. Finally I was given a short introduction in the class and away I went. One of my colleague’s younger brother goes to that school. He spoke with some of the students who attended my lecture and told him that my class was “informative and humorous.” That was the goal!




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