Village Wedding

Last weekend I had the rare opportunity to visit a local village where one of my employees was getting married. He is from a small farm in Solapur, which is an 8 hour drive South East of Mumbai. After recruiting as many people as we could, we put everybody in a van and set off for the adventure Saturday morning.

Before beginning the journey, one of the employees performed a puja (ritual) to give us good luck for the journey. This consisted of smashing a coconut in front of our vehicle. Then we set off for the journey.

Because there were so many people in the car, we used a little table as an extra seat.

















Our first stop was to pick up some fruit for snacks. Luckily a banana stand is very hard to find.


For lunch we went to a dabba (bar) and filled up with some questionably hygienic cuisine.


After a couple hours, we needed to stretch our legs so we stopped again.




As we got closer, we began asking the locals for directions. This was the only way to find his home because there are really no addresses for the remote area he lived in. All we could do was ask for landmarks. Finally, after much driving in circles, we arrived to song and dance.


After greeting my employee and spending some time, we needed to get some dinner. And where did we go? Another dabba!


The “kitchen” was really just a small make-shift kitchen. But the stir fry eggs were tasty.


Then we headed back to the farmhouse where we had some space to sleep. Basically there was a pad laid out for all us boys to crash on and backpacks were used as pillows. Shenanigans ensued.


It was very dark when we reached so I had no idea of the surroundings. It was also very cold at night so we all went to sleep quickly. However, after waking up in the morning, I truly got an idea that I was in the village.




We had a tour of the farm and got to see the crops that were growing.


Breakfast and lunch was prepared outside by the women while the men sipped on chai.




We had some spare time before the wedding began, so we made the most of it.



When it was time for the wedding, we met with the other family and friends to support our colleague on his special day.



Instead of offering a dowry, the wife’s family provided all of their old furniture. I guess this was a way for them to send their daughter off with something.

After the wedding, we enjoyed a big feast. The assembly line of servers was quite organized. And best yet, I didn’t get sick!


The couple look very happy together.


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