Translations and Fraternities

Last night at dinner I was making my way around the dinner buffet, checking out to see what was on the menu. I pass by one hot plate with a little sign that says “Vegetable wrapped chicken.” I thought that sounded interesting enough. But when I opened the plate and looked inside, I found chicken wrapped vegetables. I was joking with one of the managers about it and he said that he blames it on English. He said that Hindi is simple because there’s only one word for everything, unlike English. He used the example of the word “bar” being used in so many contexts. True story.

Today at breakfast I was sporting one of my fraternity T-shirts. Somebody from USC was surprised to see me wearing it and asked me about it. I never thought I’d ever meet somebody in India that was aware of my fraternity. Small world.

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  1. Patrick Says:

    haha proving that it’s the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi

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