Taking the trains here is always a wild time. There are certain stations where 30 people on the train are trying to get out while 30 people on the platform are simultaneously trying to enter the train through the same doors. I’m sure you can understand how hectic it gets. At the stations there are signs that say “please do not spit.” It’s nice they remind people about that.

Many vendors come on the trains when they’re in the stations to sell things. Today a man walked on selling nuts and sunflower seeds. To let people know what he was selling, he’d walk by and say in a very deep voice “seed!” He kept repeating this, which I found very funny.

The trains really give you a full glimpse of Mumbai. Some areas are in really tough shape and there is so much trash everywhere. Nevertheless, many of the slums have multiple satellite dishes and computers. It’s quite the dichotomy.

It’s always a treat traveling to the city and seeing a cow hanging out in the middle of the sidewalk. If I was a cow, I would definitely want to be in India.

We visited one customer and everyone was talking on two phones at once. Business must be good, maybe too good.

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