I took the train into Mumbai for the first time today. Since it was Sunday, there were not too many people. I rode in style in the first class car.

I walked around the Queen’s Necklace, which is a nice area by the bay. There was a movie being filmed there. It was hard to tell what it was about, but the actor was standing still and looking into the camera while extras walked by. I think they were filming the scene where the protagonist sees the really pretty girl.







Afterwards I walked along the beach to get to a big staircase that brought me to a nice garden area. It was great to be in the shade and see some gorgeous landscaping. The views were top notch as well.






I had lunch at T.G.I. Fridays in the Phoenix Mall. It tasted just about the same as back home. The Olympics were on there, so I got to see some skilled archery.

The train ride home was interesting. There were a bunch of kids jumping on and off the train, doing tricks to show off to each other. At one point there were 4 kids in my car, asking me where I’m from. I gave them all a piece of candy and they were thrilled. One of them wanted to give me his number because apparently he was the guy to go to if I needed anything in India.

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  1. Inma Says:

    Me encantan tus entradas xD Keep on posting, please, I’m learning a lot of vocab and expressions like “top-notch” =) Enjoy and be safe ^^ Un abrazo, hijo!

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