Top Secret Menu

I normally have lunch at a hotel located on the same street as my office. The guys know my order so I can just call up and tell them I’ll be there in 15 minutes. It’s very convenient.

Recently a coworker said they were interested in going there but they wanted to see a menu first. So when I was at lunch I asked one of the servers if they had a take-out menu. I was told they did not. I asked if they could make a photocopy of their menu. The server said he would ask his supervisor.

Five minutes later, the head server comes over and tells me that it is not possible to make a photocopy because it is against policy. This seemed strange, so I went to the lobby and asked one of the people at the counter for a take away menu. They asked me to wait a minute while they checked with the restaurant…obviously talking to the same people I just did. I was told the same thing that it was against policy.

I didn’t understand the benefit of not making the menu public. After all, anybody can walk in and see whatever they want. Plus making it public would be good for marketing the restaurant and the hotel.

The next day I was at the hotel for lunch and I was chatting with a different head server. I explained the situation and said I was curious what benefit the hotel gets from not disclosing the menu. He didn’t have an answer for me. Instead, he told me to come back tomorrow and he will have one for me.

I come back the next day and he discreetly hands me an envelop with my name on it. I open it up to find a special photo copied menu just for me. I sure love living on the edge.




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