Crazy News

This week seemed to have an unusual amount of crazy stories in the newspaper. There were many to choose from, but here are the summaries from the top 3 strangest in my opinion.

#1: “Seven Eunuchs Rob Train Passengers”

A gang of eunuchs boarded a train in East India and demanded 10 Rupees (18 cents…) from each passenger. When passengers refused to pay, all hell broke loose. For the next half hour, the eunuch banditos went on a looting spree, stealing whatever the passengers were carrying. Resistance was futile, as the eunuchs were threatening passengers with daggers and thrashing them with sticks. When the train reached the station, the eunuchs got off and disappeared.

#2: “Double-kill Suspect Shot At, Arrested”

Police were chasing a man under the alias “Papu” who killed 2 guys in a bar. After catching up to him in the evening, the police cornered Papu. As one of the police constables went to nab him, Papu pulled out a dagger and attacked the officer. As he began to flee, another officer fired 3 shots from his service pistol, striking Papu in each knee (I call bullshit on this. He probably fired 10 times and hit him once). They finally arrested Papu and brought him to the police station. Apparently Papu has been involved in over 9 cases including murder and is on the police station’s “rowdy sheet.” (That sounds like such an official document.)

#3: “Man Caught Having Unnatural Sex with Cow”

A 25 year old named Kankar was arrested for allegedly having sex with a cow in his neighbor’s shed. After his neighbor found Kankar doing the deed, he organized his neighbors to try and lynch Kankar. Police rescued him from the mob just in time and took him to the police station. The neighbor gave a written complaint accusing Kankar of frequently stopping by the animal shed at time. This made him suspicious and his how he found Kankar naked with his cow. Kankar, in an inebriated state, told police that his wife left him a year ago and because he doesn’t have anyone to “settle his conjugal rights with,” he opted to do so with cattle.

Those were my top three stories. However, as a bonus, here is the strangest headline I saw this week. “Rape Happens, says Sushilkumar Shinde” (Minister of Home Affairs).

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    Wow Ridiculous stories.

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