Strange Coincidence

When I last flew home in December, I saw the doppelganger of my friend Chris in the Delta terminal of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. He had the same build, same hair style, same face, same facial hair…it was really bizarre to say the least. But then I overheard him speaking fluent German, so I knew it couldn’t be Chris.

Fast forward to this past Friday afternoon. I’m waiting for my flight in the Delta terminal of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. There’s not much to do while waiting, so I often partake in some people watching. Guess who I see on the opposite side of the room? Chris’s German doppelganger! I was in awe. What are the odds that this same guy would be traveling the same day as me, to the same city as me, on the same flight as me?! Insane.

When I got home I called the real Chris. I told him either he’s playing the greatest practical joke ever, or I’ve just experienced quite the coincidence.

If I ever see this guy again, I’m going to have to go and talk to him. Otherwise, he will probably be thinking to himself “Who is this crazy American man who finds me in the airport and keeps staring at me?”

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