This morning I noticed a man eating breakfast alone with an iPad in front of him. At one point I looked over his way but he had gotten up for more food. I then see who I assume is his wife eating a shish kebab on the screen. Apparently he was sharing a meal with his wife. Very interesting idea.

At work I was rotating between departments. One of the employees I worked with is named Shatrughan. The former manager of the office couldn’t pronounce his name, so he called him “Shotgun.” He’s quite a character and has a funny way about him.

Today was Vinay’s, one of the sales managers, birthdays, so we all went in the conference room. We sang an unusual version of happy birthday while clapping our hands. There was one humungous candle lit in the middle of the cake, which turned out to be a sparkler. After Vinay blew out his big candle, Shotgun positioned himself to get one of the first pieces of cake.

Tomorrow evening at my hotel there is a reception for guests that have long-term stays. It will be interesting to see who else is around this place.

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