Resumes and Marriages

I’ve been finding stranger and stranger things in the resumes I’ve been going through. One had this as an objective for a sales position: “My passionate to learn new technologies and to excel in innovative technology and to do each and every work with love.” I forgot to mention the best part. His name is Fun Hardik. No further comments.

Another time I called up a professional reference and asked if there were any negatives about a candidate. I was told that there was nothing bad about him, other than the fact that he was dark skinned.  Crazy.

Here are some of the photos attached with the resumes I’ve received. Personally, I like the one on the far right. You can tell he took a picture of himself and then used M.S. Paint to cut out the background image. 10 points if you guess which one is Mr. Hardik.

Resume Candidates


This is prime marriage season in India. There have been several weddings taking place in my hotel. So far I have heard many mixed reviews about arranged marriages. One of my professors from my university had an arranged marriage and has been happily married for many years. One of my friends in India will be getting married soon. I asked him if he was excited, and he told me that he was somewhat excited, but he wasn’t happy about the fact that the girl was very poor. A taxi driver I was chatting with told me when he was looking for a wife, he wanted to find a girl that was an orphan. That was his dream.


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  1. Pascal Wagner Says:

    What a completely different world we live in.

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