Rain Forest Cafe

India has its own version of the Rain Forest Café which I am confident is not part of the franchise. The lighting is very dark, the walkway makes it easy to trip, and the staff was dressed like it is St. Patrick’s Day. Nevertheless, it was a pretty cool place. They had a huge screen where they were playing VH1 music videos. However, they were also blasting house music which did not go with the music videos at all. Quite the rain forest. I did enjoy my quasi-Italian lasagna though.

I got the chance to go over to my manager’s apartment. It was a nice place and it gave me a nice idea of what I should try to look for during my apartment search. Balconies are where it’s it!







On Friday we went to check out a bar that the hotel staff recommended. It was a pretty cool place. We also got a chance to hang out with the locals.

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