New Apartment

After almost a year of living in a hotel, I finally moved to my own apartment. A hotel certainly had its conveniences. I didn’t have to do my own laundry, food was always ready downstairs, and there was always a friendly face behind the desk to talk to. I made some very good friends at the hotel who made my stay there a great experience. But, at the same time, living in a small single room and eating the same buffet dinner every night for a year can get old.

My new apartment is quite spacious. I have a living room, office, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, and small dining area. There are 3 balconies which includes one small seat swing to relax on. I have AC in 2 rooms and fans in the other rooms. It’s a real treat to have a kitchen again. I don’t cook extensively, but having the option is really great. I also have a big fridge to store leftovers and groceries.







The complex has a big swimming pool and gym. I’ve gone swimming a few times and I always end up feeling like an alien with the amount of stares I get. But after I say a quick “Namaste” they go about their business…usually. There are also guards stationed at the front gate to make sure only residents are allowed in.

Living Room














Dining Area





















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