Mystery Cuisine

Street vendors in India are always interesting. Just watching the preparation of the food can be hypnotizing. The other day I was outside a supermarket and I saw a man preparing his food cart. It looked like he was serving paneer, but it was hard to tell.

Mystery Cuisine








On his cart he had a huge block of ice in front of the big slab of mystery cuisine. Then he would take small chunks of the mystery cuisine and line them up on the ice to keep it cool. Afterwards he wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap to keep it together. I imagine after a few hours he will be able to serve up some tasty treat to the locals.

The one thing to think about here is where he got the ice from. There are ice vendors that transport blocks of ice on the back of their bicycles.  To keep them protected from the strong sun, they put a cloth over the ice. This cloth is often very dirty as it is thrown on the ground, reused, etc. The ice that is sold is used for snow cones, drinks, and anything else. Times like these it is best to stick with bottled water.

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