I had a great day today exploring Mysore and its surrounding towns. I met my taxi driver outside the hotel at 6am and we set off on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. We stopped halfway there for an Indian breakfast of idly and chai. The drive was very pretty. Not much pollution and lots of countryside. There were sugar cane and rice farms the whole way there.

My first stop was the Chamundi Hills, which is home to the Chamundeshiwari Temple and the Nandi statue. There is also a great view at the top where you can see all of Mysore.








Next I went to the infamous Mysore Palace. As usual, I had the joy of paying the foreigner tax which is 10X the price of a normal ticket. Nevertheless, it was definitely worth it. You’re allowed to take any pictures you like outside, which features the gardens, elephants, and the palace walls. Once inside, they don’t want you to take pictures. Apparently it’s a security reason to disarm terrorist attempts. I’m not quite sure how that works or how effective it is.






Later I stopped at St. Philomena’s Church and bird sanctuary. There were long paths you could take alongside a river. There were quite a few crocodiles in the water. I wonder if there’s an Indian version of Steve Erwin.

After some coconut water to recharge my batteries, I stopped along another point in the river in the small town of Srirangapatna. I thought it wouldn’t be that interesting, but my taxi driver insisted I check it out for a few minutes. So I walk down and see people washing their clothes in the river, and all of a sudden I notice some live music being played. It sounded sort of like a trumpet or saxophone, so I walked closer to investigate. Turned out to be a man sitting alone in a small temple jamming on an alto sax. As a fellow sax player, I had to give him a few rupees to show my appreciation. So random though.








I finished up the day by going to a few gardens in the area. There were many school children there. They got very excited when I said hello to them. I assume they don’t see foreigners too often. It’s much more pleasant when children laugh instead of hounding you to buy something.

I would recommend others to check out Mysore, although I wouldn’t spend more than two days there. Everything can easily be seen in a weekend. Having a taxi take you around is also strongly recommended. I didn’t have to waste time trying to find a rickshaw or haggling on price.

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