Long Journey

I got home from Succeed Faster on the 15th and started the epic packing job. I made a check list so I’d be sure not to forget anything. Monday morning I was fully packed and 3 pounds under the weight limit for luggage on Delta. I’m pretty sure my dog Carey knew I was leaving because she was hanging outside my room the whole morning, something she doesn’t do very often.

I’m very excited to begin this adventure, but I’m also a bit nervous about what’s to come. Regardless, I realize how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

My flight from Boston to Paris was about 6 hours long. My screen was not functioning very well, but at least they served red wine on the flight. I did not sleep very well, so I was pretty wired when we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport. I kept myself busy for about 4 hours. They have some comfortable lounge chairs there, but the food options are very limited.

My flight from Paris to Mumbai was about 9 hours. Between some big naps, I was chatting with my seatmate and his son for a while. The father is a professor who is originally from India. His son was interested in studying abroad in Japan, so I was able to tell him about my experience.

After finally arriving in Mumbai, I went through customs and then baggage claim. The whole process took about an hour and a half. Very slow. Lots of people all trying to go the same way you are. Before going through the exit, I stopped by the ATM and purchased a prepaid taxi trip. Then I walked outside to see lots and lots of people waiting for their families to arrive. A very friendly gentleman took my bag for me and showed me to my taxi, hoping for a generous tip of course.

The cab ride was wild. We drove alongside a very big slum which I was not used to seeing. It took my driver about 2 hours to take what should have been a 45 minute trip. Every 5 minutes he would pull over and ask somebody for directions. He also pulled over once to relieve himself on the side of the rode. Very interesting.

After getting to my hotel at 3am, I checked in, threw my luggage down, and went to sleep.

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