Locked Out

This afternoon I was in the mood to go for a swim. So I put on my swimsuit, grabbed my goggles, threw a towel over my shoulder, and went out the door. Crap. I forgot my keys.

The first thing I do is go downstairs to the security booth. Those guys do not speak any English. I try to communicate that I locked myself out and asked if they had my apartment manager’s phone number. I did not get too far. They were more interested in having their tea break than providing a solution.

One of the senior security guards motions for me to follow him down to the parking garage. I thought maybe that’s where their supervisor was. We walk down and the security guard keeps looking left to right in search of something. Finally he finds a girl getting something out of her car and asks her to translate for him. I explain the situation and tell her that one of my colleague’s has a spare key. His phone number is on our company website.

I can only imagine what she’s thinking seeing this sketchy shirtless guy that needs to go to her place. Fortunately she was very nice and invited me to her flat to find his number on the website. Unfortunately it was not listed as I previously thought. However, a different colleague had his number listed. So she called him and asked him to provide the number of the colleague with the spare key. Then we call the colleague with the spare key to learn he will not be home for another 3 hours. He suggested I go walk around the market. I did not want to walk around the market half naked. I would be the star attraction in Navi Mumbai.

Then I had the idea for my colleague to call my apartment manager, who had the number of my cleaning lady that has a spare key. After some time the cleaning lady calls the girl’s phone. We explain the situation and she says she will be over shortly. After some friendly chit chat, my cleaning lady arrived to let me back in. I thanked them all profusely. I will definitely need to get them some chocolates for being so helpful.

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