This past weekend I visited Kerala, which is a state in southern India. I really enjoyed my time there. All the buildings were painted with bright colors and people were very friendly.

The hotel was right on the beach and had a great view. The waves at the beach were very strong and made for some fun surf. The beach had a long boardwalk with shops and restaurants on it. I don’t think foreigners are common where I was, because everybody wanted to shake my hand or take a picture with me.

The weather was so nice that I got up early to go for a run on the beach, followed by a morning swim. I got to see the local fishermen prepare their boats. They even asked me to help them push their boat into the sea.

I had a taxi driver take me around the city of Trivandrum. He was a fun guy. He blasted the craziest music, such as Titanic remixes and Who Let the Dogs Out.

I went on a backwater tour, where I went in a motorboat on what looked like the Amazon. It was fun stopping along the way to a guy in another boat selling coconuts. I also went to an elephant sanctuary and a shop that sold spices special in Kerala.

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