Jalebi Village

On Wednesday I had lunch at a restaurant called “the Village,” which is a pure┬ávegetarian┬árestaurant that serves food from all over India. It also just so happened that a Haldi (pre-wedding party) was taking place. They were playing crazy music, dancing a bit, and there was a microphone hanging from the ceiling that somebody was yelling into. I was tempted to shout “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

There was a camera man filming the entire event. Of course when he saw me, he quickly lost interest in filming the relatives and decided to watch me eat my lunch. His camera had some sort of powerful LED light on it that was blinding. I hope the couple enjoys me being in their wedding video.

One interesting part of the restaurant was I got to see the preparation of Jalebis, which are extremely sweet desserts. The recipe is fairly simple. You just deep fry batter in pretzel shapes and then douse them in high fructose corn syrup. You can just smell them and you’ll get a cavity. The best part is that they’re often sprinkled with saffron, giving it the illusion of being healthy.

They look really tasty once they cool off.








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