Interesting Seatmates

For some reason I always end up meeting very unique and interesting individuals while traveling. Normally I meet these people while flying from place to place.

This week I had to fly from Coimbatore (small city) to Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu). Out of everyone on the flight, there were only two foreigners, including myself, and we both sat next to each other. My seatmate, Kristen, is a former military officer whose husband, also military, is stationed in a small city in Tamil Nadu. They had been there for 4 months and will be there another 8 months. We could relate on many experiences but it was also interesting to hear her perspective coming from a different part of India.

On my last trip to India in August, I sat next to a young guy named Ramon. Ramon went to Brown University (right next door to Bryant) and was a big fan of one of my favorite bands, the National. He had also traveled abroad to several Spanish speaking countries, as did I. He had a layover in Amsterdam before he went on his way to Africa to teach a first aid course for trauma victims. He had already been once and was going to teach the advanced course.

When I last traveled home, I sat next to a man named Ed that works for GE. Ed was a very sharp guy, and also very talkative. After ordering a triple bourbon lunch, he got very chummy and started giving me career advice. He was also very adamant that I shouldn’t settle down with one women yet because I need to experience more of life. Coming from a man on his third marriage, I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

It really is amazing chatting with people and hearing their stories. This is especially true when you see another foreigner in a small rural city. You can’t help but ask them what the heck they are doing there.

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