I’ve heard quite a few Indianisms during my time here, but below are some of my favorites.

  • “Do the needful” – Please do this
  • “Prepone” – Opposite of postpone
  • “Updation” – Process of updating
  • “Different different” – Different
  • “Same same” – Same
  • “Tell me” – Common phrase for getting down to business
  • “He’s not ready” – Unwilling to do something
  • “Myself” – Referring to yourself. For example, if asked who is calling, I would say “Myself Erik.”
  • “Only” – Emphasizing a certain point. For example, “He’s at the office” vs. “He’s at the office¬†only.







Although the best has to be the sign written on trucks in India: “Horn OK Please.” This indicates that they encourage you to honk as you drive past them, as it’s often difficult for them to see you.


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