Indian Thanksgiving

This is the second Thanksgiving I’ve had to missed due to being out of the country. The first time was when I was in Spain, but fortunately I had a nice quasi-Thanksgiving celebration with my fellow classmates. In India all I did was go to work and visit customers, followed by eating Indian food for dinner alone. Not quite the same. No turkey in India either. Mashed potatoes I could care less about… But I always make the best of it. I like chatting with the hotel staff. They’re so impressed when I throw out a few words or phrases in Hindi. They really appreciate me trying since not many foreigners try to learn Hindi. –> Better service for moi.

For lunch I went to Subway with my colleague. Basically the same as Subway in USA.






One thing that surprised me was finding the drink Orangina in India. It’s hard enough to find it in USA, let alone a small metro city in India.









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  1. Aunt N. Says:

    We were thinking about you during Thanksgiving dinner. We had apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert. I had some of each… but just a sliver.

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