India Round 2

The flights back were decent. Unfortunately my seats did not have personal screens, so I had to just listen to music to pass the time.

I made it back last night to India around midnight. There was a festival going on, which meant there was quite a bit of traffic. The whole drive was lit up with flashing lights and people dancing. It was great returning this time since I actually knew where I was going, could give proper directions to the taxi driver, and knew to ward off the “friendly” guys outside the airport.

I knew I was officially back in India when I woke up, looked out the window, and saw an elephant walking through the middle of the truck terminal.

It was nice going to the office to see all the employees. We have a Ganesh set up in the main hallway. Employees perform a puja (prayer) every morning and evening.

The hotel employees were glad to see us again. They’re even having a reception tomorrow night for all the guests on extended stays. Should be a fun one.

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