India Away From India

I recently had dinner with some classmates and former professors in Providence. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant, which had us use our hands to eat the shared dishes. It’s like I never left India… One of the professors is Indian, so he enjoyed hearing our stories and new knowledge of India.

Last night I met up with some fraternity brothers in Boston. We got dinner at Fire & Ice. While waiting around the grill for our food to be cooked, I was chatting with a brother about life in India. All of a sudden, an older man next to me interrupts and asks where I was in India. I told him Mumbai. He then asked me where in Mumbai. That’s how I knew he had some understanding of India. Turned out he had lived in India for 3 years himself. Really is a small world!

I have a few more days to pack on all the vegetables and simple food I can. My next stint is going to be close to 3 months, so I’ll be back a couple weeks before Christmas.

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