In the Field

Today was my first day out in the field, where I got to shadow one of our best outside sales reps. The rush hour train in the morning gave me flashbacks to Japan, but with less air conditioning.

Some of the dealers are situated in very hole-in-the-wall locations. At one point we were in a building and I was pretty sure the stairs were going to fall apart. But the offices all had fans and internet. They also always offered us tea or coffee. Some got very excited to have an ā€œAmerican representativeā€ visiting their office. One dealer kept talking to me about how his brother is a doctor in the U.S.

The work week really is a spectacle in Mumbai. People are selling anything you could think of. There are shop vendors, street carts, and blanket stalls. At the same time, there are cars honking and cows walking around. Quite the hustle and bustle.

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