Hotel Reception

Getting a SIM card here is pretty complicated. I had to give a copy of my passport and visa, as well as provide 2 passport sized photos. I didn’t have any extras on me (duh) so I went with the office boy to the local photography shop. It was this little hole in the wall place where nobody spoke English. I tried to articulate that I only need 2 photos. I received 20 photos, all in different sizes.

Back at the hotel there was a reception for guests staying for an extended period of time. I met a guy from Texas who has worked in Saudi Arabia for a while. He’s working on building a shopping mall in India. I also met a guy from Los Angeles that was contracted to build a theme park here. Both of them are well traveled and had some great stories to tell.

Near the end of the reception we got the hotel staff to join us. It was cool hanging out with them on a more social level. They gave us tips on where the best places are in the area that we should go to.

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